956. Ways To Incorporate Manifestation Into Your Daily Routine

The common thread between our happiest, wealthiest, and most successful friends is that they all have a daily manifestation or visualization practice. Chris and I find it so important to set a target every single day and stay consistent with action steps that align with those big dreams. Chris breaks down both the woo-woo and logical side of manifestation and I explain why you need to really tune into your truth to make this practice work. Plus, we share a simple way to incorporate it into your routine and track progress. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:30 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 1:11 ) Chris and Lori talk about needing range in their lives. 

( 2:00 ) Chris and Lori look back on their vision boards. 

( 3:01 ) Chris talks about manifestation from a spiritual and logical perspective. 

( 4:49 ) Lori shouts out today’s sponsor, Soul CBD. 

( 9:02 ) Chris says, “Our happiest, wealthiest, most famous, most successful friends all believe in manifestation or visualization and they all have a daily practice around it.”

( 10:03 ) Lori touches on some of the neuroscience behind manifestation.