1005. What I’ve Learned Podcasting 1,000 Episodes

Since celebrating my 1000th episode last week, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned on this podcasting journey. It feels surreal to say that I have researched, recorded, and published over 1,000 episodes, but it proves to me that dedication is the key to maintaining steady growth. 

In this episode, I’m looking back on what has helped me achieve this major milestone, including my approach to content, what I do when I feel like I’m out of ideas, and how to embrace positive pressure. Plus, I share my huge podcast goal for this year and how you can help me get there.



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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:36) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is reflecting on what she’s learned so far on her podcasting journey. 

(3:02) Lori’s biggest takeaway is to not overthink it and just take action. 

(4:58) Lori shares how she keeps track of her ideas.  

(5:41) Inviting in more randomness has really helped with coming up with creative content. 

(7:29) Lori stresses the importance of practicing consistency as a habit.  

(9:30) It’s so important to allow yourself to change and follow what’s lighting you up.  

(12:44) Lori talks about what she’s learned about interviewing over the years.  

(16:12) Lori notices that the better episodes typically come after she’s invested in herself or put herself in situations that really stretch her. 

(20:38) Lori shares that her goal for this year is to double her listenership. She asks listeners to share the episode on their Instagram stories or text it to a friend to help her reach that milestone.