What’s Your Magic Drug?

I just saw a great movie.  Limitless is the movie where an underachieving writer takes a drug that allows him to tap into his whole brain instead of just the 20% they say we use, and his whole life takes a turn for the better.  He comes to life getting the girl he wants, the wealth he wants, and everything else he’s ever wanted.  While the idea of a magic drug allowing us to use our wasted brainpower seems like an amazing idea, I couldn’t help but think that almost everyone I know doesn’t even use the part of their brain they already can access.  Heck, I don’t even do it.

Forget the magic pills.  You already have enough work ethic, ideas, and intelligence to achieve whatever you want.  You just choose not to follow through with it.  I’m not accusing you of anything that I’m not guilty of either, it’s just human nature to do so.  It’s in most of us to not push the limits, to live within our fears, to take the easier way out.

How many “next big things” have you thought of, but done nothing about?  How many great businesses or restaurants have you said would make it, but you’ve never opened? Or even on a smaller scale, how many books have you bought that people told you are a necessary read, and you’re less than one chapter into them?

You want a magic drug to make you successful?  It’s called work.  Work at your dreams.  Work at your goals.  Start working instead of resting.  Weekends?  Those are for getting ahead, not for “taking it easy.”  Evenings?  Start a small business, a blog, or something to get your creative juices flowing, not shut them down sitting in front of reality TV.  And your workday?  Most of you don’t even do real “work” for half of the 8-10 hours you punch a clock for.  Think of all that valuable, yet wasted time.

You’ve got to become a junkie.  A success junkie.  A goal junkie.  Obsessed.  If you aren’t, then remember this the next time you’re broke, down, or feeling like everyone else has what you want: You have two choices; Keep underachieving, or take the magic pills and get to work!  This drug isn’t always an instant high, but if you stick with it for days, then weeks, then months, and so on, your side effects can be awesome.

You want a magic drug?  You already have it.  Your dreams, thoughts, ideas, they’re all ingredients of it.  Your capable hands, your connections, they’re a part of it too.  You’ve just chosen not to take it yet.  Oh trust me, you’ll know when you do….it feels amazing, and you’ll be hooked!

Happy “drug use!”