910. Where The Woo Meets The Work w/ Jenna Kutcher

I’m joined by Jenna Kutcher, author of the new book How Are You Really, and host of The Goal Digger Podcast. Jenna’s book is a guided journey through asking yourself how you really are, who you really are, and what kind of life you really want. Jenna and I discuss how to become more aligned with your true purpose, understand who you are as you’re developing, and show up as your whole self in everything that you do. 

I’ve always admired how fierce Jenna is with her boundaries and how she protects her peace in such a loving way. We dive into how she copes with people pushing back on her limits and she shares her incredible template that has allowed her to say ‘no’ in a kind, gracious way. We talk about the concept of having a ‘Year of Yes’ and Jenna offers up a unique and inspiring spin on the idea. Tune in to hear our conversation about celebrating your ambitions, enjoying the journey to success, and so much more. 

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Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 1:04 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Lori is joined by Jenna Kutcher on today’s episode.

( 5:40 ) Jenna joins the conversation. 

( 6:21 ) Lori asks Jenna, “If I asked you, how are you really in the middle of the book writing process, how would you answer?” 

( 8:20 ) Lori asks Jenna, “What do you think were some of the things that you did going up to that? You don't just enjoy a process. It's set up before. It’s the thought process. So can you let us in on some of those insights?” 

( 13:58 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Can you tell me about a time when you have had to drag yourself and pull yourself through because you weren't in alignment with what you wanted to be doing?”

( 17:38 ) Lori asks Jenna, “How do you think we learn alignment?”

( 20:29 ) Lori shouts out one of today’s sponsors, Issu. 

( 22:15 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Tell me about something maybe even right now that you are clear on that you're like, oh, that's what I don't want.”

( 26:02 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Can you share your secret to how you cope with getting pushback on your boundaries?”

( 29:56 ) Lori shouts out another sponsor of today’s episode, Bombas. 

( 33:18 ) Lori asks Jenna, “When you're talking about boundaries and some of the things that you want to keep sacred, what are those things to you?” 

( 36:43 ) Lori asks Jenna, “What was the clarity on needing to stay at home? Like, what was that feeling? How were you certain of that? And now how is this curiosity showing up in a way that you feel certain that this is going to be the next chapter?”

( 40:07 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Where in your life have these things come from where you make a decision on what you want and you go for it?” 

( 43:15 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Kind of finish the sentence for me: I believe that if I let everything else go that doesn't feel good, and I follow my intuition, that my life will…?”

( 47:03 ) Lori asks Jenna, “How have you taken these things that could be viewed as extreme, like you could wake up tomorrow and be like, holy shit, this is insane. What am I doing? How do you kind of look at that in a way that you're approaching it in that gentle breeze?”

( 50:56 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Do you think people need like that year of saying yes to everything and getting out there?”

( 55:39 ) Lori asks Jenna, “What are some of the things about you that you love, that you've learned that you just love about yourself? How do you make sure that those parts of you are expressed each week?” 

( 58:41 ) Lori asks Jenna, “Are there things that as people are starting to have the conversation that have surprised you, and maybe that you're really excited about?”

( 1:03:04 ) Lori asks Jenna, “I know that we have something so cool for them that they can go in even more in depth on what we're doing for part of your book on building authentic community, really giving them the answers around that. Can you tell me a little more about it?”

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