970. The Power Of A Mission Statement & How It Drives Your Business Operations

Tara Hainsworth is challenging the one-size-fits-all strategy for hair salons. She’s the co-founder of Hainsworth & Company Salon, which is my absolute go-to for all my hair needs in Arizona. We discuss why everyone needs a mission statement, how to create one for yourself, and the best tools for finding the right people who align with your vision. 

Tara set out to create a salon that offered consistency, intention, positivity, happiness, and of course, amazing hair services. She’s experienced major success by getting super clear on her four core values and crafting intentional statements based on those guiding principles. In our conversation, Tara also talks about her evolution as a leader and her advice for anyone who is in a new mentorship or leadership role. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:45) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Tara Hainsworth. 

(4:42) Tara joins the conversation. 

(7:16) Lori asks Tara, “Why do you feel like you need a mission statement? Why do people need a mission statement?”

(9:03) Lori asks Tara, “Were you trying to fit in? What did that feel like?”

(15:07) Lori asks Tara, “So your dad tells you that you need a business plan and you need a mission statement. Tell me where this mission statement idea went from there.”

(21:39) Lori shouts out today’s sponsor, Indeed. 

(23:22) Lori asks Tara, “Would you share your mission statement with everybody who's listening?”

(23:57) Lori asks Tara, “How did you and Eric come up with that?”

(27:13) Lori asks Tara, “Were you guys in business for a while before you sat down and came up with this mission statement?”

(29:52) Lori asks Tara, “If somebody wants to create a mission right now, what are the questions that they can ask themselves?” 

(33:49) Lori asks Tara, “When you were first hiring, did you find that it was challenging to figure out who was for you, or had you immediately dropped into this idea of attracting who you wanted through these different methods?”

(37:46) Lori asks Tara, “What do you think are some of the clear definitions that you identify as to be a leader?”

(41:32) Lori asks Tara, “What are some tips that you would give to people if they're finding themselves in a new mentorship or leadership role?”

(44:12) Lori asks Tara, “Any last words that you want to share with everyone?”

(45:35) Lori asks Tara, “Where can we follow you on Instagram?”