878. Why Less Is More When It Comes To Systems And Workflows

We’ve been getting alot of DMs about how we keep track of and organize our ideas, plans, and projects. Lauren and I are diving in on the tech systems that we use, how we prioritize tasks, and why we keep things as simple and user-friendly as possible. It might surprise people to hear that we rely on Google Drive for just about everything, but Lauren is a master at building out progress trackers and dashboards that keep everyone dialed in on what they need to be doing. She also is great at keeping tabs on bigger-picture items. I share how I personally organize the notes section on my phone, and why it’s so important to sit with your ideas for a little bit instead of sharing every single thought with your team. We also highlight why it’s so important to niche down and start with a very focused vision, even when you have big dreams for your company.



Figuring out which ideas are worth pursuing, and which ones can be put on the back burner How we keep track of contacts who have offered help or a favor in the past  Learning how to become more organized as an ideator  Our flagging process with emails  Limiting distractions within our workflows and systems  Integrating Simon Sinek’s Start With Why approach   Simplifying our opt-in plan



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