896. Why You Should Lean Into The Ebbs Of Life

You know those seasons where you’re not seeing alot of results, not feeling super motivated, and everything just feels kind of monotonous? Even just reading that might make you want to run in the other direction, but those ebb periods of life are just as important as when you’re in a state of flow. Lauren and I discuss times when we’ve felt like we’re in a dormant season and how we’ve learned to trust the process and find comfort in the stillness. There are major lessons to be learned when things slow down and you’re challenged to find new containers and modalities for growth. Listen in to hear our conversation about embracing the ebbs of life. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:20 ) Welcome back to another Earn Your Happy BTS of Building a Business episode. 

( 1:05 ) Lori says, “​​We are going to be talking about the ebbs and flows of life.”

( 6:16 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Can you either remember a time where there's been an ebb or something that you've done to kind of move through one?”

( 9:26 ) Lori says, “That ebb is the place where you're found.”

( 11:59 ) Lori says, “Sometimes an ebb is meant to last a lot longer, because it's meant to just keep clearing away everything.”

( 15:14 ) Lori talks about a time in her life where she was resisting an ebb so much that she ended up burning out. 

( 18:20 ) Lauren says, “You should not be grinding 24/7 because you love something so much, because you're gonna lose track of all of the other things that are coming in.”