1081. Work Less & Make More With Amanda Frances, Self-Made Multimillionaire

I immediately fell in love with Amanda Frances' unique and refreshing approach to coaching after reading her best-selling book, “Rich as F*ck.” Amanda joins me in this episode to discuss motherhood and business, manifesting your goals, falling in love with your sales, and understanding the energy frequency of money so you can live your desired life. Amanda is known for her popular digital courses, engaging online presence, and as the host of the popular “And She Rises” podcast. 

Amanda believes that everything holds energy, including money. In our conversation, she emphasizes being intentional about the energy you associate with money to understand your standards and attract abundance and success. She also shares her perspective on sustaining your money through taking risks, learning from failures, and being honest about the freedom you want to achieve.



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(0:28) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(6:13) Lori asks Amanda, “What is your favorite thing in your life?” 

(6:37) Lori asks Amanda, “What were some of the biggest things motherhood has shifted about your business life?

(10:46) Lori asks Amanda, “How do the money of energy and the frequency of money help to understand money?”

(15:52) Lori asks Amanda, “How do we start deciding what we are available for and what we're not?”

(17:57) Lori asks Amanda, “What does the practice of resetting yourself look like?”

(21:39) Lori asks Amanda, “What are some of the things you notice that people have to work on?”  

(24:19) Lori asks Amanda, “What are some things that you have done to fall in love with sales?”

(28:50) Lori asks Amanda, “What are the three things that you would tell me to get me into a great place around launching around making money?”

(30:57) Lori asks Amanda, “How do we sustain money?” 

(32:36) Lori asks Amanda,  “What would you say to somebody thinking of pivoting?” 

(34:29) Lori asks Amanda, “What got you into real estate? What are you excited about in that arena right now?” 

(36:20) Lori asks Amanda, “What do you follow? What are you basing your life on?” 

(39:11) Lori asks Amanda, “How did you start to trust yourself?” 

(41:37) Lori asks Amanda, “How do we get to a place or what's the practice around expanding and being open for more?”

(44:25) Amanda discusses the questions she asks herself for expansion.