984. 5 Ways To Kill Boredom And Blues

Are you bored or are you just lacking energy? I’m sharing five things that have made a huge difference in how I show up in all different areas of my life. I explain why it’s so important to make time for new and unique experiences, especially things that make you scared. I also share one of the biggest factors that has increased my productivity and creativity this year.

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:21) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. In this episode, Lori is talking about how to create more energy in your life. 

(2:29) Lori’s first suggestion is to do more things that you like doing. 

(5:01) The second tip is to release your expectations. 

(6:18) Number three is to do things that make you scared or nervous.  

(7:34) Number four is to try new things.  

(8:46) The last tip is to change up your work environment and space.