960. You Don’t Owe People Their Comfort Zones

Do you have a habit that you’ve totally convinced yourself is okay, but you know deep down inside if you made this one little tweak, you could be operating at such a higher level? For me, I knew that I needed to cut back on how many days a week I was drinking alcohol. In order to kick the habit of having a drink in the evening, I’ve started to get creative with mocktails and implement other rituals that help me wind down. I share examples of where this concept might be showing up in your life and offer up solutions that will support you as you step into the version of yourself that you dream of being. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:40 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is talking about how to break habits that are keeping you stuck. 

( 3:23 ) Lori shares her process for cutting back on alcohol. 

( 4:30 ) Lori shouts out the sponsor of today’s episode, Babbel. 

( 6:26 ) Lori says, “I know that whenever I've had to upgrade a habit that I have to find one to replace what I'm doing.”

( 7:51 ) Lori says, “I want to remind you that as you're upgrading, you might need to also change out some people in your life.”

( 10:19 ) Lori reflects on how she’s coaching herself by shedding things that make her comfortable and prevent her from growing. 

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