949. Angie Lee, Co-Founder Of Soul CBD On Managing ADHD As An Entrepreneur

My friend Angie Lee, co-founder of Soul CBD, is back on the show to talk about how she stays focused and finds success as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Angie is an amazing example of someone that uses her neurodivergent brain to her advantage and really knows her zone of genius. We talk about prioritizing activities that help with mental clarity, why it’s so important to partner with integrators if you’re a manifestor, and Angie’s effective approach to product formulation. She also shares what the inspiration is behind Soul CBD and how she used her community to get it off the ground. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:49 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Lori is joined by Angie Lee on today’s episode. 

( 4:04 ) Lori asks Angie, “Would you tell us just a little bit about where the idea of soul even came from?”

( 8:51 ) Lori asks Angie, “When should someone just jump into products as their first business? Or when should they start in something like network marketing or a digital product or something like that?” 

( 13:54 ) Lori asks Angie, “What's the problem that you solve? Why did you choose it? And how did you manage that with what I know you told me you struggle with all the time, and that is, lack of focus and ADHD?”

( 19:48 ) Lori thanks Issuu for sponsoring today’s episode. 

( 23:10 ) Lori asks Angie, “How did you figure out how to be successful and get the right people around you?”

( 31:09 ) Lori asks Angie, “Tell me just a little bit more about product formulation and why you love each thing.”

( 36:28 ) Lori asks Angie, “Was there always a question of, we could keep going, we could try to get it even better? Or do you have to just set a date and choose it?”

( 39:45 ) Lori asks Angie, “Where can we get some gummies?”

( 41:41 ) Lori reminds listeners to tag @angieleeshow and @loriharder on Instagram to share their biggest takeaways.