873. How To Become An Asset In Every Opportunity

Chris and I were reflecting on how we keep investing in these amazing opportunities, and we realized that there are three key things that are helping us make that happen. We’re at a place now where we can recognize a money-making opportunity when we see it, we both have something strategic to offer, and we’re planting seeds to get connected with businesses that are within our zone of genius. We choose to look at everything as an opportunity to increase our wealth and capitalize on our skills. Listen in to learn more about how you can do the same. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:19 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 0:37 ) Chris says that they’ve been involved with major business opportunities because they’ve gotten good at recognizing them and having something strategic to offer. 

( 0:46 ) Lori adds that they are also good at planting the seed into somebody who could potentially get the idea off the ground and they can be in their zone of genius. 

( 0:56 ) Lori explains how she could’ve worked with a winemaker and used their product instead of going down the route she is with Lite Pink. 

( 2:58 ) Chris talks about how he got involved with a play-to-earn team in the Philippines. 

( 5:47 ) Chris quotes something that he heard on a podcast. “The difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that a millionaire has a great network and makes good introductions. A billionaire has a great network, makes good introductions, and then says, ‘How do I fit into this introduction?’”

( 7:00 ) Lori shares how listeners can find their own version of this idea. 

( 9:11 ) Text DINNER to 310-421-0416 if you want to be considered for incredible, high-end charity dinner.