963. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! (And Some Reflections On How Far I’ve Come)

I have a major milestone to share with you all about the show! Earn Your Happy is now part of Brendon Burchard’s Growth Day Podcast Network and it’s amazing what a full-circle moment this is for me. I’m bringing you behind the scenes and explaining how this deal happened, what it means for the future of this podcast, and where you can tune into a new monthly course that I’m going to be involved in. Remember, if you take that first step to building what you wish existed today, the possibilities and opportunities for success are limitless.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:19 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is talking about her decision to join the Growth Day Podcast Network.

( 1:56 ) Lori talks about her connection to the founder of the network, Brendon Burchard.  

( 3:25 ) Lori shouts out the sponsor of today’s episode, Soul CBD. 

( 6:10 ) Lori announces that she’ll be teaching monthly on the Growth Day app. 

( 8:21 ) Lori says, “Think of something right now in your life, a ‘wouldn't it be cool if this existed?’ And why not see if you can create it.”