964. Cara Alwill On Approaching Relationships As A High-Achieving Woman

All my high-achieving single ladies out there, this one is for you! I’m joined by Cara Alwill, bestselling author and host of the top-rated podcast, Style Your Mind, to discuss why so many successful women have trouble dating. Cara sheds light on what’s happening in the dating scene and how women can approach it differently to have fun with it again. 

We dig deep into why you need to deprogram all the unsolicited advice out there and start to follow your intuition instead. I also share my perspective about expanding and overcoming challenges in relationships as someone who has been married for almost 20 years. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:01) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Lori is joined by Cara Alwill on today’s episode. 

(4:56) Cara introduces the topic of today’s episode: dating and relationships as a successful woman. 

(6:14) Lori asks Cara, “Why do so many total package women struggle in finding love?”

(11:50) Lori asks Cara, “I've had to learn how to start seeing and appreciating the new roles that Chris and I had both stepped into. What do we do in that case?”

(19:39) Lori shouts out Indeed for sponsoring today’s episode. 

(25:05) Cara says, “My belief is that you cannot be an expert in relationships because the only two people that know what goes on inside of a relationship are those two people.”

(28:42) Lori asks Cara, “Do you think that sometimes we're writing people off way too soon?”

(33:19) Lori asks Cara, “What are you open to in a relationship that you weren't prior open to?”

(34:16) Lori asks Cara, “Where have you found a natural groove?”

(35:43) Lori shouts out Issuu for sponsoring today’s episode. 

(37:42) Lori aska Cara, “What is the way to start calling in the person or relationship that you want?”

(46:24) Cara says, “One of my favorite mantras when it comes to relationships and dating is: things can change in an instant.” 

(50:30) Lori asks Cara, “Any last words?”

(51:45) Lori asks listeners to tag @thechampagnediet and @loriharder to let them know their biggest takeaways from this episode.