973. @bossbabe Natalie Ellis, On Becoming Your Own Advocate & Shifting Into A New Identity

My friend Natalie Ellis, CEO and co-founder of bossbabe, is back on the show to discuss how her approach to business, relationships, and life, in general, has shifted so majorly since becoming a mom. 

She describes the identity awakening she went through after giving birth to her daughter and gets real about how she and her husband overcame some of the challenges they were facing in postpartum life. Natalie talks about how these experiences have taught her to become an empowered advocate for herself and her gifts, which includes streamlining her calendar and calling in connections that are in alignment with her priorities. 

Trigger warning: Natalie talks about her traumatic birth experience from 18:09-19:31. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:01) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Natalie Ellis. 

(1:46) Lori asks Natalie how life has been since becoming a mother. 

(6:38) Lori asks Natalie, “Are you willing to share how that shifted your relationship, too?”

(9:35) Lori asks Natalie, “What did that conversation look like?”

(13:33) Lori asks Natalie, “Was that hard for you to go and ask for help? Or was that something that did not feel hard at the time?”

(15:52) Lori asks Natalie, “What are some questions that you're asking yourself to know if something is a necessity or if you should say no?”

(17:37) Lori asks Natalie, “Can you share what part of you that you feel like was left behind in that room?”

(22:26) Lori asks Natalie, “Did the path or direction of your life shift?” 

(24:35) Lori shouts out the sponsor of today’s show, Soul CBD. 

(27:20) Lori asks Natalie, “What are some of the things that are your North Stars now that are outside of you?”

(31:06) Lori asks Natalie, “Is there something that showed up for you recently at all, where you're like, Oh, my God, that was right there and I didn't even realize it?”

(37:56) Lori asks Natalie, “How do you figure out how to get your business to fit you as you grow?”

(46:47) Lori asks Natalie, “Have there been things recently that you've had to say no to?”

(53:58) Lori asks Natalie, “Is there anything that you want to leave everyone with?”

(54:53) Lori asks Natalie, “What's your Instagram handle?”