972. Recommit To Your Goals To Help Take Back Control Of Your Life

There’s something that you need to recommit to in order to take back control over your life. I know something popped into your head when you read that, so what is it? Especially as the holiday season approaches, it can be so tempting to let your healthy habits fall to the wayside. But, when we do the challenging things that we know will get us closer to our goals, that’s how we build up self-esteem and confidence. Listen in to hear how I set up structures and accountability around my daily practices so that I can stay on track during this super busy season. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:28) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(1:17) Lori explains how the reticular activating system works. 

(3:06) Lori introduces the topic of today’s episode, recommitting to your healthy habits. 

(3:42) Lori lists examples of areas where you might be making excuses and not fully showing up for yourself.  

(5:52) Lori shares how you can simplify your habits so that they’re easier to incorporate into your day.  

(7:46) Lori says, “If I can remember that these moments that we are turning into mountains are actually pebbles, then my life can be much easier, have a lot more flow, and ultimately, I can actually get the results I want.” 

(8:51) Lori breaks down ways that you can start to recommit to your goals.