934. How to Breakthrough The Barrier Of Uncertainty

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Danielle Robay, a TV host and journalist who is currently the host of E!’s While You Were Streaming. She is the creator of the video podcast PRETTYSMART, and the best-selling card game QUESTION EVERYTHING: 52 Cards For Deep(er) Conversation, noted by Forbes as a “game changer”. 

Danielle is a big believer in being a self generator and we talk in-depth about putting yourself out there and going for what you want, instead of waiting for someone to bring it to you. We also discuss how there is no failure in entrepreneurship, it's just a pivot that pushes you into the next thing.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(1:02) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy, today I interview TV host and journalist, Danielle Robay.

(4:38) Lori asks Danielle, “Tell me about your podcast?”

(5:32) Lori asks Danielle, “Can you share how your career has evolved?”

(9:57) Lori asks Danielle, “Can you tell me about a time between the ages of 8 and 14 that you can vividly recall developing into the person that you are today?” 

(12:57) Lori asks Danielle, “Can you tell me about a more recent time you have been rejected, that stung, but you collected a lesson?”

(17:16) Lori asks Danielle, “Is there something that you want that's not coming to you yet, and are you able to figure out why?”

(21:55)  Lori asks Danielle, “What are 3 beliefs that you have had to let go of that were instilled in you in your childhood, in order to be the woman that you are today?”

(23:12) Lori asks Danielle, “It seems to me that even though you might be afraid you go for it — have you always had the confidence like that or was that something you had to develop?”

(28:00) Lori asks Danielle, “What is a belief you have right now that will always keep you safe, and let it be okay, no matter what you do, or what you fail at?”

(32:17) Lori asks Danielle, “Tell me about a time when you used your feelings as your superpower at work?”

(34:38) Lori asks Danielle, “Do you remember the first time that you went off course and thought I'm just going to risk it?”

(36:22) Lori asks Danielle, “Tell me about your question deck, where did it come from?”

(43:56) Lori asks listeners to follow Danielle on Instagram @daniellerobay