935. This Is WHY You Shouldn’t Say Yes To Every Opportunity

For years Chris and I were yes people, and for years we have watched others “yes” themselves to death. Now, we practice not just saying no to things that do not serve our greater vision and purpose but going beyond that and letting it be okay if we disappoint people by saying no. We have consistently learned from others who have beautiful boundaries to protect and who have thrived by doing so. When you say yes to everything, you water down your message. When you constantly say yes, you take yourself away from your primary vision and the message you want out in the world.


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:30) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

(0:45) Chris and Lori update us that they have been Wake Surfing 3-4 times a week.

(0:56) Chris asks Lori “Why do you think it's different this year? What have you done differently?”

(2:02) Chris asks listeners, “What percentage of that work could you say no to without changing where you are today?”

(2:55) Chris explains how he no longers responds to other people’s agenda and how that looks when he only checks his email twice a week.

(4:23) Lori asks Chris, “What if you miss out on an opportunity? What will people think of you?”

(9:58) Lori asks Chris, “What has gotten you to the point of not caring about other people’s agendas?”

(11:47) Lori says, “I have learned how to say no, and let it be okay that I'm disappointing people” and gives examples of defining what yes’ are worth it.

(15:28) Lori says, “The way to know that you are someone who is probably going to create what you want and create the relationships that you want, is when you are getting rejected, and people are saying no to you, and you are okay with it.”