1003. Building A 7-Figure Company In 16 Months With Bridgitte Carroll

Bridgitte Carroll is the founder and CEO of GutPersonal, a one-of-a-kind supplement company that empowers everyone to heal from within. Chris and I are investors of GutPersonal and it’s been incredible to witness Bridgitte’s growth since launching the brand. We talk about what it was like to raise money and bring on investors, including how she got connected with the right people. 

Bridgitte and I also touch on the three foundational elements of thriving as a business owner: health, worth, and community. She shares how important it is to surround yourself with people who push you to find lessons in the challenges and really embody supportive beliefs. 



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(0:29) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Bridgitte Carroll. 

(4:13) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell us what GutPersonal is and what was your first experience like trying to get this business going and raising money?” 

(6:23) Lori asks Bridgitte, “What were the first couple of conversations like when you were on the phone with people talking about having them invest in you?”

(11:36) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell us a little bit about how you launched? And then what has been kind of your biggest influx of customers?” 

(13:13) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell me a little bit about where you were at with your health journey and how you navigated that path?”

(15:48) Lori asks Bridgitte, “What are some of the things that you would do to start healing and getting your energy back?”

(17:51) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell me a little bit about that journey within starting your business and how worth has gone hand in hand?”

(18:18) Lori asks Bridgitte, “What were some of the limiting beliefs? And where do you think they came from?”

(20:31) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell me a little bit about that glass-ceiling-shattering moment.”

(24:16) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Tell us a few of the things that you've invested in that have really been a tipping point for you.”

(26:24) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Let's talk about how you developed a community and how you use them.”

(29:55) Lori asks Bridgitte, “What did that year of setting up your community look like? What does it look like now?” 

(34:12) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Can you tell me about a time where it felt really challenging or devastating, but you actually found out who you were during it?”

(37:29) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Did you lean on your community during that time?”

(38:50) Lori asks Bridgitte, “What is the Miracle Worker? Who is this product for?”

(40:29) Lori asks Bridgitte, “Where do we go if we want to take the quiz?”