1002. How To Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

People with the strongest connections and friendships tend to take bigger risks because they know that they have a supportive safety net to fall back on. I’ve realized that the key to overcoming my fears is to surround myself with people who I can rely on and be vulnerable with. In this episode, I share some ways that you can intentionally deepen your relationships and expand your network, which will ultimately push the limits of your risk tolerance and abundance.



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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:36) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is sharing her secret to expanding your risk tolerance. 

(1:43) Lori talks about how she earned her spot at the most amazing masterminds of her life. 

(3:34) Lori breaks down why the people with the strongest support networks are often more willing to take risks. 

(5:50) Lori emphasizes the importance of making yourself available for equal energy exchanges. 

(8:41) Lori says, “Your relationships are some of the most important factors of you going to where you want to go.”

(9:45) Lori invites listeners to join her on the GrowthDay app