856. Craft An Irresistible Offer For Your Digital Product

Jess DeRose is back to talk about an amazing (and free!) three-day live experience for coaches, content creators and digital business owners in any stage of their business. The Digital Business Evolution Live Experience helps participants get clear about the foundations, marketing and sales for their big idea. She shares the vision for the event and what people can expect out of it. We discuss some of the challenges and mistakes that I’ve experienced with my own courses and how Jess will be addressing some of those at this event. Plus, Jess tells me all about her new podcast called Digital Business Evolution where she’s tackling all things entrepreneurship, leadership, investing, working with your spouse and business mindset! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:34 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:27 ) Lori asks Jess what inspired her to take the leap and start her podcast. 

( 4:45 ) Lori asks Jess, “You have the Digital Business Evolution that is a three-day live experience. And why did you create this?”

( 6:10 ) Lori asks Jess, “Give me some ideas around how to know if it's a good idea.”

( 7:16 ) Lori says to Jess, “Let's get to the three core elements that you've created around this concept.”

( 8:10 ) Jess breaks down the foundation stage of a launch. 

( 9:04 ) Lori talks about today’s sponsor, Jenni Kayne.

( 13:03 ) Jess explains what goes on in the marketing stage. 

( 15:42 ) Lori asks Jess, “Let's say I go to the three-day live experience. What am I going to leave with around that? Where I'm gonna feel really dialed in on my structure?”

( 16:49 ) Jess talks about what participants can expect to learn about the sales step. 

( 17:55 ) Lori asks Jess, “Where are the common mistakes that you see people make around the sale?”

( 20:26 ) Lori asks Jess about delivering too much versus not enough information. 

( 22:17 ) Lori asks Jess, “Who is this for right now if they're listening?”

( 22:47 ) Listeners can sign up at jessglazer.com/dbeliveexperience. The event is on March 24th, 29th and 31st.