Creating Mental Space to Allow for What You Desire

Negative and draining thoughts take up way too much space and don't allow for what you truly want in your life

Creating room in your life will allow for ore things that you desire. So today I discuss how to make room MENTALLY and ENERGETICALLY.

Negative thoughts and dwelling on things that don't serve you will take up space in your mind and not allow you to focus on what you ultimately want. It's draining your energy and taking up space.

How do we start to make space?

You need to start to choose another option when those negative thoughts start to creep in to your head. Choose the EMPOWERING THOUGHT that is going to give you energy through the day and gets you excited; not the negative ones that will drain you.

We only have so much room for thoughts and the exciting part about that is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE if they are negative and draining or positive and empowering.

This is an practice that is always in the works but it does start to get easier as you continue to “catch yourself” when those negative or draining thoughts creep in.

What things in your mind can you be releasing or sending more love??

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