Episode 56: Get More CONFIDENCE NOW with Arriane Alexander

Arriane Alexander is The Rock Your Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She helps female entrepreneurs and businesswomen step into new possibilities so they can create a life and career they’ve always dreamed of.

IMG_1427She spent over 12 years as a high level executive in the fashion business and walked away from that successful career to follow a heartfelt dream of succeeding in the entertainment industry and as a transformational Life Coach. Today, she works consistently as an Actor on TV shows like Justified, Grey’s Anatomy and The People vs O.J. Simpson. On top of that, she is the Host of two TV shows, and booked numerous commercials. In other words, she’s created the life of her dreams, and as a Rock Your Life coach for over a decade, she helps women do the same in a fun, inspired, and transformative way.

She works with women all over the world –Entrepreneurs, Health and Fitness Experts, and Executive Business Women to help them overcome their fears, self-doubt and any other obstacles blocking their path, to create the foundation for their new life, and a journey to take them there.

Is it risky? Of course it is. Without risk, there’s no life, no excitement, and no happiness. There’s no fun, either. But once a woman starts taking risks, once she start taking bold actions, she will discover that what she thought of as impossible is suddenly within your reach. She will do things she's never done before, and wonder, “Who is this confident, radiant, and fabulous person?”

It’s her. It’s been her all along, and Arriane is with her every step of the way to Rock Her Life.

So excited to have the blonde, brilliant and beautiful Arriane, here with me today. I believe her message is so important and worth hearing, especially for those of you who may need help stepping into our feminine energy and allowing their confidence to shine through.

Arriane is the epitome of confidence and for those of you who attended The Bliss Project last year, you also know she is the perfect teacher of self-love as well.

Growing up taller than the girls in her grade or group of friends, Arriane learned how to carry herself confidently from a young age. Whether she stood out because of her height or because of the air she carried about, one thing she knew for sure was that nothing would break her confidence streak.

Like most things, her feeling of worthiness and confidence didn't hit its peak until she got older, because like everything else, it is a practice.

“I dealt with what was given to me and ended up making my first brand out of the hand I was dealt, called ‘Big, Blonde and Beautiful.'”

She reminds us that everything we want to be is on the other side of fear. We must step out of our comfort zone while owning our perfections AND our flaws simultaneously. Although the confidence look may come natural to her, she knows that it may not be like that for others, which is why she decided to become a life coach teaching women just like you and me how to love ourselves, not just 50% but 100%, wholly.

“I wake up every morning asking myself how can I serve in a powerful way today? And how can life use my gifts and talents to support others for their upliftment?”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Confidence
  • Owning your flaws
  • Feminine energy
  • Stretching yourself passed your comfort zone
  • Building and practicing confidence
  • Trust


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