Creating Opportunities For Yourself

Is it REALLY Just Luck? (Hint: NO, It's Not!)

Do you know people who seem to be really lucky and just get whatever they seem to want? Do you REALLY think it's all luck? Those people actually CREATE these opportunities for themselves.

Re-evaluate your Opportunities

Look back and really examine how you've been living. Are you making yourself AVAILABLE for those opportunities to show up in your life? Are you TRULY exhausting all possibilities? I would be willing to bet that most people can't answer this with an honest and confident YES.

So How Do You Create Them?

  • Get in-front of people
  • Offer and Give Value
  • Hang out in places where your opportunities can present themselves.
  • Network with people
  • Get out of your house and into public places.
  • Build Relationships with others
  • Be Consistent
  • Grow YOURSELF to the person whom would get the opportunity you're desiring.
  • Think outside the box. How are you and what you have to offer, different?

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