Episode 14: Lindsay Sukornyk Why Taking Risk is Necessary in Happiness

Today's guest has shifted my life in such an indescribable, magical way. I am filled to the brim with happiness to be able to interview the beautiful Lindsay Sukornyk.

Lindsay SLindsay is a transformational leadership coach, yoga teacher, writer, travel junkie and mother of four amazing kids. She founded North Star Coaching in 2002 and since then she's worked with hundreds of leaders in top organizations, offering individual and team coaching, keynote addresses, workshops, transformational yoga classes, online coaching programs and writing for online and traditional publications. She is passionate about being a catalyst for positivity and untapped potential in working with leaders who are hungry to make a difference.

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to connect on so many levels with this soul sister. Growing up in Northern Ontario, Lindsay and I can relate to being brought up in the typical small town vibe. Both being introverted, quiet and overweight children, we had both had to brush off the wounds of being teased and eventually turned them into beautiful growth and opportunity.

“Risk and return are two things that have been really powerful in my life.”

Also struggling with anxiety as a small child, Lindsay avoided taking risks while simultaneously attempting to control as much in her life as she could. Where is the art in that? There was none, which is why she soon began listening to her higher self, her heart, her soul.

Hear her take on this game called life and why it's so important to not just be alive, but to truly be LIVING. Each of us have certain angels placed in our life, for Lindsay it was a boyfriend (her now husband) that showed her a different way of living. It isn't about going through the motions, but stepping into your fears and leaping into the unknown.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How you can flip the switch on Introverted feelings
  • How to brush off childhood “wounds”
  • Risk and Return
  • Accepting fear of the unknown
  • Listening to your higher self
  • 4 micro-steps to start becoming aligned with your higher self
  • Change of perception


See all that Lindsay has to offer at northstarcoaches.com. Want to travel the globe, all while sitting on the couch? Follow Lindsay on Instagram @north_star_coach and on Facebook at Lindsay Sukornyk. She even has her very own YouTube channel, Lindsay Sukornyk at Alive and Awake.

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