Episode 179: Mistakes and a Little Bit of Crazy Are Vital in Order for Your Dreams to Happen with Lorna Jane Clarkson

Twenty-eight years ago, Lorna Jane, founder of Lorna Jane Active, was a fitness instructor who just wanted to find fitness wear that made her feel good. So much so that she used her own swimsuit to craft her own outfit. Her students liked them so much that they too began asking for their very own Lorna Jane clothing. And while it was never her intention at the time to create a clothing line, Lorna Jane Active was meant to be.

Making others feel good doesn’t stop at her clothing line though. In her most recent book, Love You, Lorna focuses on the importance of self-belief. At one point she lost a portion of that self-belief and self-love and worked to regain it back. It’s through her experiences and learnings that she hopes to help other women find their self-confidence, self-love and purpose again – and create an amazing life.

Lorna is one of the most-inspiring humans I’ve had the privilege of interviewing and I was positively giddy that we were able to talk in person. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious and can be heard throughout our conversation. I know you’re going to love listening to her as much as I did.

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Questions Asked in This Episode:
• What has been a mistake for you that was devastating at the time, but now has become something you can’t imagine not happening because you’ve grow so much from it?
• What was your thought process/mindset when handling that mistake?
• How do you make sure you’re filling up your soul?
• How do you decide who you’re going to put your energy toward?
• When you have to make difficult decisions, what do you do to get in that space and how do you recover after?
• What is something that you do to make sure that your community is always there within your brand?
• How do you connect with women and support them in your life?
• Are there ways you ensure that you’re supported every day?
• What’s been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in business?
• What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to transcend or leave behind in order to become the Lorna that you are now?
• How do you stay excited about life?
• How do you do market research and stay focused on what is true for you?
• What does it mean for you to be authentic?
• What was it about your book, Love You, that you had to write about that you hadn’t previously written?


“If you let yourself be open to things it takes you where you’re supposed to go.”

“When you have a dream, you don’t care about what you’re missing.”

“I believe the biggest mistakes have the biggest learnings.”

“You can’t let really big mistakes stop you from your dreams.”

“Not everyone grows in the same garden.”

“I’m not designed for everyone to love me.”

“You have to do the things that scare you or that others think are crazy; otherwise you’re not moving forward.”

“Do what’s right and don’t think about how things look.”

“Listen to your heart and do what’s right for your business and don’t let your ego get in the way.”

“There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.”

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the inspiring woman behind Lorna Jane activewear, started designing on her lounge room floor by night, while she was busy working as a fitness instructor by day. Her unique and fashion forward pieces were so popular that she turned her hobby into a global business. Today she has over 200 stores around the world, numerous fashion design awards to her name and a series of bestselling books. Lorna continues to inspire women every day with her Active Living Philosophy, which makes being fit and healthy easy with the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe… Lorna’s story is a real inspiration to women all over the world and she proves that with hard work and belief in yourself, anything is possible.

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