Episode 180: Release Your Inner WILD ONE with Elana Meta

If you haven’t heard of Elana Meta you soon will. You probably know by now that I’m all about tribe and making impactful connections with others, so it will come as no shock why I connected with Elana after listening to our conversation.

As a dance catalyst and teacher, Elana has made it her mission to create spaces for women – and men to help them merge the emotional and logical parts of the brain. While most recently hosting small groups in her home to help women step into their power, she wanted to create a larger event (Wild Vessel) that could help more women and men, too. Elana helps these individuals see themselves more deeply by moving the body to quiet the mind.

Elana invites you to an experience to help you see things more clearly in a substance-, device- and shoe-free space (ha, check your shoes at the door). If this sounds like an event that resonates with you, see the Resources section on this page.

Here’s to empowering your wild side!

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• What got you started doing what you’re doing and what are you doing?
• What does the “feminine” mean to you?
• Do you feel you’ve come across a lot of men who could use the Wild Vessel event, too?
• What reasons did you discover as to why women have trouble connecting to other women or themselves?
• How could someone create this type of connection if they’re not able to make the event?
• What is something you want people to know about your event that we haven’t talked about yet?
• What are you wanting to reclaim more of in your life?

• “We are the Wild Ones. Let our howl be known.”

• “Between the resistance, find your resilience.”

• “Be curious enough to explore the difference between fear and excitement.”

• “Deep house party meets workshop.”
Want a few more details on the Wild Vessel event? Read on…

• Substance-free and device-free event to explore your inner-wildness.
• Sensuality vs. Sexuality
• Take off the mask of masculinity
• Break the taboos about being a woman
• Wild Vessel creates safe spaces through our immersive events, designed to fully express ourselves and deeply connect with our communities.
• Empower your wild side
• Join the Wild Pack
– Be free amongst community

• An experience to unlock our inner-wildness
• Witness feminine leadership in action
• Unveiling the mask of masculinity
• Explore your gentle side by luscious candle light and rose peddles.
• An immersive experience that can hold all of you
• Dancing – sound baths – cuddle puddles and more
• Community collaboration
• Authentic conversations
• Topic discussion on Sensuality vs. Sexuality
• Redefining the feminine
• Delicious food
• Non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages

This event is sexy, not sexual.
• Male leadership in action
• New skills to understand women.
• See beyond the mask of masculinity
• Embodiment practices and tools to articulate the Feminine.
• Topics on sensuality vs. sexuality, and how to be protectors for women, and the planet.
• An opportunity to serve your counterpart
• Delicious food
• Non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages

Elana Meta is a dance catalyst, teacher, and creative based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Wild Vessel, an event series designed to re-define the feminine voice in modern society, as well as META Method, a movement technique that uses the natural elements to advance emotional intelligence and well-being. As a dance and movement catalyst, she has performed at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and Lincoln Center alongside artists such as Beyonce, The Glitch Mob, Michael Franti and Nahko. She’s led workshops on the Wanderlust Tour, at Esalen, Summit Series, and Burning Man, and her mission is to tap people into their bodies and create spaces globally for women to feel safe and empowered.

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