Episode 216: What Elevating Really Feels Like

I'm just getting back from my Bliss Project event weekend and honestly still recharging and processing all the magical things that happened. One of the topics we discussed at length was what happens before and after breakthroughs or graduating to the next level.

In my experience as well as other Bliss beauties, I've found that when we're on the verge of the next level of our lives, things start to go wrong. We doubt if we even have what it takes, things feel like they're falling apart etc., and we want to give up. But if we stick to it and keep pushing through with full-time faith we're rewarded.

“Full-time faith will always bring us to a higher elevation of life.”

Personally, before each new level, I've discovered that either something from the past comes back to haunt me or my faith is tested by multiple things going the exact opposite way of what I'd planned.

We all have “rocket ship” or “coast” moments – we're either full throttle and feeling a little unsure and sick or breaking through to enjoy the coast that comes after.

I would love to tell you that you could go on coast mode your whole life, and things will be easy all the time, but I can't. Again this is where full-time faith comes in. We must believe that everything, even the bad stuff, is happening for us and helping us get to that next level as soon as possible.

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