Episode 217: Tap In To Your Creative Flow with Hila Plitmann

Today's guest, Hila Plitmann, is like me, a regular at SoulCycle. It's no surprise that I noticed her energy right away as she was always smiling, singing or dancing. But when I heard her angelic voice, it stopped me in my tracks and I knew I had to meet her.

Hila connected with music at a very young age, landed her first opera role at age 14 and attended Julliard School of Music. Now a singer and actor, Hila is just as passionate about music now as she was years ago. And once you hear her sing (and our conversation), you'll see the intention and light behind her.

I always love hearing about all of the various creative processes out there and I hope you'll also enjoy hearing how Hila taps into the feelings of her body with each new project or song.

Question Highlights:
o What was it for you when you were younger that made you know that you had to follow this dream of singing, and what were the consequences if you didn't experience or follow it?
o What would you say to someone who maybe doesn't know how that creative expression can come about? How do you nurture that?
o When you go into creation mode, what are you thinking when you want to put something out in the world?
o Did you recognize your dream and create it? What happened after?
o What do you do now when you have a lot of extra creative energy?
o What new things are going on for you right now?


“It's a state of timelessness when music and stories are in my life.”

“Relish and let yourself be in this amazing experience of life.”

A Grammy Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter and Actress, Hila Plitmann is a glittering jewel on the international music scene, known worldwide for her astonishing musicianship, light and beautiful voice and the ability to perform challenging new work. She has worked with many leading conductors, performing with the likes of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra.

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