Episode 218: LESS Preparation, MORE Faith!

With so many projects happening right now, I’ve had to tap into a different part of myself – a part that requires me to lean into my faith and imperfection. You see for a long time I had a story around the amount of time I needed to create. What I’m finding now is that it was just that – a story.

In the past few months, I’ve learned to create (talks, programs etc.) in a much shorter amount of time. And scheduling wise, because I didn’t have a choice, I practiced massive amounts of faith to get it all done!

“Everything can be done in the amount of time that you have.”

The truth is that we use the amount of time we have – no matter how long that time period is. For example, I took the full 30 days to write my TedTalk – and tweaked right up until the end. I wanted my message to be perfect. But what I’ve found is that my audience doesn’t want to see perfection all the time. And just because I have the time, doesn’t mean I should use it all.

“When you over-prepare, over-perfect and over-tweak, you’re not leaving space for faith or trust.”

Where in your life are you over-perfecting or over-prepping? Now, don’t get me wrong, you should prepare, but you must leave space for your divine message to come through. Try tapping into what your audience wants to hear. Chances are if you have the fears, they do too. How can you use your experiences to help them overcome them? When you authentically share like this you are inviting yourself and others to up-level and live out your purpose.

After all, it isn’t about you – it’s about your audience and the message that you were meant to share. There is so much power in your imperfections – so let them shine through and have faith that others will relate to them as well.

“Focus on less perfection and prepping in order for your message to come through.”

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