Episode 232: How to Make a Soul-Guided Decision

Wow, we are less than a week away from the release of my book and I am so freaking excited – I can’t take it! And I cannot thank all of you – my supportive tribe – enough for your support so far. So many of my sisters have gone above and beyond to support me and my book, and in return, I’m trying to do the exact same for them by sharing their passions – books, podcasts etc. I’m a firm believer in bringing awareness to ALL women because that’s exactly what my book is about. Imagine what this world would look like with countless women supporting each other. Hello, energetic boomerang!

Today I’m sharing yet another excerpt from my book and this section, called Soul Talk, is all about really listening to what our soul wants and helping us step into our highest purpose.

“I want to clarify right now that even when you are listening to your soul it won’t always feel good at first. The difference is, when it’s a soul-guided decision, it will feel aligned and ultimately guide you to your bliss.”

Because this isn’t always the easiest task, my book walks you through how to tune in and really listen to your soul. It will help you move through what you’re going through – no matter what it is – and help you step into who you truly are.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sneak peeks of the book and cannot wait for you to have it in your hands. I seriously have the best audience and your support means the world to me. If you feel called to help me get my book’s message out even more, please share this podcast with others. Much love to you all!

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