Episode 252: How to Make the Most of Your Daily Energy

I feel that energy is the most valuable commodity – and how awesome is it that it’s something we can help control? So with that in mind, what are you giving your energy to today?

Ever notice that when you’re feeling low energy or tired that the things that seem big, scary or stressful seem even bigger, scarier or more stressful? When this happens, we know we’re not supporting that habits that keep us fully energized.

While talking at the gym the other day with my friend, Mark Karpenko, he told me that we’re all only given 100 watts of energy a day. Wow. Only 100 watts and often they’re not being spent wisely.

Sometimes we’re not waking up at 100 watts for a number of reasons. Whether it’s because the kids were up late or a relationship is weighing heavily on our hearts, or perhaps we’re just taking too many things personally – our energy is being drained. The good news?

“We can always change something.”

Get more sleep. Move your body or meditate. Eat better foods. And sometimes the most difficult (but often most helpful), be mindful of who you’re spending your time with. Don’t give up any of that wattage to things that don’t support love and your true talents and gifts. Be quick to forgive and let the small stuff roll of your back.

What will you give a “watt” about today?

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