Episode 256: How to Change a Belief That’s Holding You Back

I just wrapped up my three-week trip traveling through Europe and phew – it definitely rocked my world! Yes, the experiences were amazing, but as a person who loves her rituals and who has habits that are deeply engrained, it felt a bit daunting at first. If I would have taken this trip five years ago, I would have left 20 pounds heavier because I would have just given it the all-or-nothing approach. Anyone else?

The difference of taking this trip now? Even though my life was tipped upside down in terms of bedtime, food, drinks and activity, I made a conscious effort to figure it out. In order to do this though I had to give up the belief that it would be impossible for me to feel good and happy.

“In order to change a habit, you have to change a belief. And in order to change a belief, you have to change a habit.”

Spoiler Alert: I feel amazing! “Control freak” Lori went on a vacation of her own! And it’s all because I figured out how to let go and surrender.

Here are five things that help me change a limiting habit or belief”

1. You have to believe that whatever you’re desiring is possible for you. For me, it meant applying an abundance mindset to everything. I don’t have to eat ALL this amazing food or have multiple drinks because I know there will be more tomorrow and I can have some then, too.
2. Gather evidence of why it’s possible. Look at the people and culture around you. Why can’t this be possible for me?
3. Gather evidence of how you’ve been lying to yourself about the other belief to keep yourself safe.
4. Look at why you’re afraid to believe something is different. Surrendering can be scary, but sometimes certainty can be worse.

“Surrender opens the door to something that changes your life.”

5. Do that new thing/habit/belief for as long as you need to until something shifts. It won’t happen overnight, but don’t stop just because it’s uncomfortable – keep at it.

I challenged myself the entire three weeks I was gone, but as I stated above, I feel great – and I ate and drank what I wanted and walked a ton. Will I keep up with the late suppers, nights and overall structure? Maybe about 30% to allow myself a bit more freedom, but my new rule of thumb?

“If it feels good, explore it.”

I encourage you to do the same by challenging your beliefs and doing it until you feel a shift, too.

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