Episode 262: Oprah, You, Me, Bahamas and Manifesting 101

Today’s episode is a super special quickie and it involves something I’ve been manifesting for years. While I was wrapping up my three-week European vacation I received notice that I was selected to be a speaker on one of the Oprah Magazine Cruises – yes, THE Oprah! My mind is still whirling from this news.

I firmly believe that this opportunity came up after I finally cleared enough stuff to make room for it while I allowed myself to recharge and get away on my trip. And honestly, as odd as it sounds, once I was able to actually “let go” of my dream to meet Oprah (there was literally a dream where it happened – listen to hear about it) and know that either way, I’m OK – it happened. It’s all about living into your gifts.

Here’s a little Manifestation 101 on how I was able to live into my Oprah manifestation:
1. You have to put the work in, believe in a little bit of magic and have faith. Allow that dream to look different and probably the most important – be patient.
2. Focus on why you’re awesome and what you love about yourself. Who or what brings out that part of you?
3. Be the energy you want to attract. Raise your vibration to get there.
4. Get clear and declare it. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve likely heard my Oprah dream quite a few times. 😉
5. Release it. You are significant and loved regardless of whether or not this dream happens.

I would love to see you on the Oprah Cruise (to the Bahamas) with me! Check out the link in the resources and let’s fill that ship up with the highest-vibing people ever! It will be like a boat version of Bliss Project! Be sure to message or tag me on Instagram if you’re in – I cannot wait!

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