Episode 266: Why I Believe You Don’t Have All You Need Inside You

“You have everything you need inside of you.”

You may have read or heard this quote from me before, but if I’m being honest, the first time I heard this quote I called BS on it. I mean sure, it’s an empowering concept, but if you don’t know how to look at it from all sides (which I didn’t when I first heard it), it’s disempowering.

But here’s where it does hold true. You do have everything you need right now to start asking questions and to be resourceful. How empowering is that?

“You have all you need to in order to create whatever you’re desiring in your life.”

For example, when I first started my podcast, I knew nothing…I mean nothing about starting a podcast. So I started researching (Google) and finding others who could help me get it off the ground. I was not meant to create all the things by myself. For this particular endeavor, I had the idea and it was up to me to move it forward. It was literally a matter of asking the right questions.

All that’s left to do is start! After all, “pure bliss is becoming the person that you knew you were meant to be.” But it’s up to you to create the experiences in order to bring that person into reality.

Now to all my over-thinkers out there (you know who you are), you may be coming up with a list a mile long of all the reasons you just can’t do it. But here’s my advice: start now! If you don’t take action, you won’t fulfill your purpose. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. Know that it’s all a part of the process and that the universe will provide a soft landing. And even if you feel that sometimes your actions are selfish, know that you’re making progress and it’s somehow affecting someone in a beautiful way.

Are you with me? Let’s start taking action – big and small steps – now!

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