Episode 271: How to Live a Rich Life: 4 Stories and Lessons with Chris and Lori Harder

I’m so excited, as always, to have my husband, Chris Harder, back on the show and today we’re sharing some of our most impactful stories that have helped lead us to the full-circle rich lives we’re leading now. We’re far from perfect and that’s exactly why we love sharing our ups and downs with as many people possible – even if they’re super embarrassing.

Tune in to hear our stories and lessons we’ve learned along the way and let us know if you can relate. Wanna hear more? Be sure to check out our Free Video Training at BecomeAligned.com.

“I believe we were put here to live a really full-circle, rich life.” – Chris Harder

“Action creates clarity.” – Lori Harder

“You are 100% responsible for the outcome of every moment in your life.” – Chris Harder

“Giving is the secret to getting everything you want.” – Chris Harder

“Build tribes for where you are going and not for where you’re at.” – Lori Harder

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