Episode 278: What You Have to Do Next in Order to Grow

Fair warning to you before you start listening to today’s episode – I am en fuego! Having just attended Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness and being surrounded by 1,500+ big thinkers, there’s no way I couldn’t be. It’s events like these that force me to take chances and go for the things that scare the living crap out of me!

“Fear is your invite for growth.”

The purpose of life is growth and progress. We are all meant to find what makes us fulfilled and happy, but sometimes that’s the thing we fear the most.

As an exercise, I want you to write down the 10 things you’re most afraid of – they can be big or small. These are your next steps. From here, circle the least scary step – or perhaps the scariest step. Whichever you choose, act on it, no matter how uncomfortable or scared you are. Rejection or failure is inevitable, but the biggest gifts are on the other side.

No, I’m not super-human, but I will say after receiving 21 rejections on my books, I am grateful for them because they helped me land the publishing company that liked it! Plus, consistently doing the things that I have fear around helps me grow and throughout that process, I’m also showing thousands of others that they too can do it.

Most recently one of my fears is about sharing a spoken word poem I wrote for my friend, Danette May’s event this weekend. I love doing this, but I’m terrified of what others think! (Be sure to tune in because I’m sharing a small portion of it with you.) But here’s the thing, I want to grow and I don’t want to leave this world living up to anything less than my highest potential. I do mess up while reading it, but I’ve left it in because I want you to see that sometimes we have to mess up and let others see it in order to free them as well. I hope it gives you some of that freedom, too.

So today, stop playing small. Do something messy, unplanned or share something that doesn’t feel good. And be sure to share it with me over on IG…I love hearing from you!

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