293: Q&A Day: Recognizing Habits, Finding New Goals & Being EPIC

We are having another Q&A day today, so I’m joined by my lovely assistant, Evans, to answer questions sent in by you! I also wanted to remind you to get your tickets to The Bliss Project, coming to Newport Beach, CA this March. It is going to be an incredible weekend of complete life transformation & immersion. Tickets are over half sold out– I want to make sure you can get yours before they are gone!



  • “How do you train your brain to be productive even when you’re not feeling it?”
    • From: _angela_jones
  • “How do you know what your next goal is? How do you prepare yourself for the day to be an epic human being?”
    • From: kathleenparent.ca



“I only hang around people who feed my vision now.”

“You would be amazed at what opens up for you when you actually start following the energy and the creativity.”


Review of the Week:

“Lori Harder knows what’s up and speaks to my soul. If you’re on a journey to truly love yourself and find your happy, you absolutely need to have this podcast in your life!”



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