322: The Tools of Manifestation with Rachel Luna

Today I am joined by the incredible Rachel Luna! Rachel is a best selling author, international speaker, Sales Confidence Strategist + Master Coach, podcast host, mindset master. Rachel is one of those people who truly made an impact on me. What she practices and speaks about has given me so much freedom and clarity! This conversation with Rachel was SO fantastic– I know it’s going to cause you all to take total inspired action in manifesting the life and business of your dreams.


Question Highlights:

  • For people struggling with their fear “roots”, what do you find that is really stopping them?
  • What would you say to those who struggle with what their family will think?
  • What did you apply to your mindset in order to make big things happen within your business?
  • What do you say to people who are facing really difficult criticism?


Rachel Luna is a best selling author, international speaker, Sales Confidence Strategist + Master Coach. A former US Marine, this 4 foot 11 inch firecracker has a rocksteady reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple and quadruple their income.

She's the host of the podcast, Real Talk with Rachel Luna where she dishes on how to gain more clarity and confidence in life and business.

Rachel has created numerous courses, hosts live events throughout the year and is working on her upcoming book, Girl, Confident.

An international speaker, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks all across the globe from the US to Europe to Japan and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine and Latina Magazine among many others.

If you're looking for sales confidence, mindset mastery and marketing strategies that will boost your revenue while building your legacy, Rachel Luna is the girl you call.

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