Episode 47: QUICKIE! Self-Care Amongst The CHAOS!

Do you find yourself traveling a lot? Maybe for work, maybe for pleasure, or maybe your everyday schedule has somehow just become more hectic. Well…join the club!

Today’s quickie is to remind you how to sustain self care, even when times get crazy.

In just a little over one month’s time, I have traveled to 5 different cities. Being someone who enjoys habit and daily routine, this tends to throw me off track and being off track can lead towards crappier food choices, less time for workouts/meditation and occasionally an extra cocktail or two.

I’m all about the extra cocktail or two, don’t get me wrong, but creating and continuing self-care during chaos is extremely important.

“I want to enjoy my life no matter what time it is. I don’t want to be waiting to be home, or waiting to be back in my routine, I want to be in the NOW!”

Realizing the positive things that recharge you, is the best way to stay on track. Of course taking the easy way out would be well…easy, but thats not what we are here for. Nothing good comes from “easy.”

“Every opportunity is an opportunity to get stronger.”

Feeling crazy and chaotic may not be your favorite feeling. Hopping on and off planes for work may not be the way you wanted you week to go, but each day we are blessed enough to rise and shine, is an opportunity to make it your own!

Find your normalcy. Pack it up. Take it with you.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Self care
  • Embracing the chaos
  • Creating positive habits
  • Self awareness of the NOW
  • Maximizing the moment
  • Finding normalcy while traveling

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