557. 3 ways to get over the fear of starting – with Ameerah Saine

On this week’s quickie, I’ve invited a friend along! Ameerah Saine is the founder of Brunch and Slay and host of the Brunch and Slay Podcast, and she has some knowledge bombs to drop for you. No matter how many times you do something new, fear still creeps up. Ameerah and I talk about three ways fear tries to sneak up on you, as well as three ways to get over it.


Guest Bio:

Ameerah Saine is a daughter, sister, wife, and mommy. She is also a friend to many and, in each one of these roles, she displays her “go-getter” attitude, service mentality, and true enjoyment of being a woman and possessing the ability to inspire others. A graduate of Texas A & M University-Commerce, veteran of the Texas Army National Guard, and former Regional Sales Director for Remington Administrative Ser-vices, Ameerah has been recognized and awarded for her leadership skills, and service to her country. With the spirit of service that encompasses her being, Ameerah has set out on a mission to uniquely empower women from many different backgrounds but with similar necessities. Her brainchild “Brunch and Slay” gives women the opportunity to network, and grow, all while being the Fabulous that they need to be. “Brunch and Slay” has become one of the many productions that Ameerah has put not only her creativity, time, and energy but her professional execution, care, and attention to detail have granted her critical acclaim. She currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband Chad, 2-year-old daughter Denver, and fur baby Harpo.