782. Our 3-Step Process for Making BIG Life Decisions

Making big, disruptive decisions in life can be hard. We’ve been making some massively big decisions in our life over the past few years, and we’ve developed a rhythm to making them and vetting whether they feel right. Whether it’s a decision to move, start a business, sell a home, or any other big life decision, we run them through a three-step process to make sure it’s the right move for us.

The first question we ask ourselves before making a decision is this: will this decision give me extreme energy? Is it so aligned with your goals that, even when things get messy, it is still going to provide you with energy? When you’re making a decision, you tend to focus on the energy you’re feeling in the moment, not the long term energy that’s going to come – or leave – based on that decision.

The second question to ask yourself is: are you OK with the worst possible outcome of that decision? You don’t have to feel good about that happening. You surely don’t want it to happen. But would you be OK if it happened? It’s a hard question to answer, but it is crucial if you want to move forward without regret.

And third: do you have a support system to help you through the decision? This doesn’t mean you have to know the exact people that are going to be there for you, but you have to know that they are out there and that you can find them. If you know that you have the support system in place for this decision, you need to move forward, knowing you can tap into it.

Imagine how that decision would play out, all the way to the end. If you are happy with the outcome then move forward. If you’ve answered these three questions, then there’s nothing stopping you from changing directions if things don’t end up the way you expected, but at least you won’t be paralyzed by the fear of deciding in the first place.