Lacey Johnson is a magical wordsmith. Anytime she speaks it’s like pure honey. She’s been on the show before, but a LOT of life has happened since then. She’s had to deal with some seriously traumatic events, and, thankfully, she’s managed to turn those experiences into something positive. We catch up on where she’s been, what she’s doing now, and her upcoming book which is just going to be LOADED with deep truths.

Question Highlights:

  • What’s happened in your life since we last met up?
  • How did you decide to reframe your trauma,and not let it hold you back?
  • Can you tell us about your Radical Life Renovation?
  • What’s a tangible tool people can use to make a difference in their life?
  • How do you create a new belief?
  • What are some of the gifts that have come out of this experience?

Guest Bio:

Lacey Johnson is a doting wife and mom, self-belief enthusiast, and multi-passionate, award-winning journalist who sparks conversations that unlock hearts, energize minds, and celebrate the human experience. Having worked with a fascinating range of famed entrepreneurs, spiritual thought leaders, and top mental health professionals (including Deepak Chopra, Daymond John, Gabby Bernstein, and Dr. Caroline Leaf), her words can be read in a collective of top magazines and media sources including, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, POPSUGAR, O, The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s Day and more – many of which have been syndicated by Apple News, MSN, and Yahoo! millions of times.

With a deep intrigue for human beings, and a fiery passion for smacking her readers in the face with comfort and truth, she calls upon her vault of compelling experiences such as a family-wide tragedy in early childhood, life-long grief, domestic violence in young adulthood, infertility, a collective of personal and professional heartbreaks, and a near-death experience a year ago. Her writing and bold reporting unlock possibility and invite epiphany. While in the process of finishing a massive book project about transforming pain and setbacks into providence and power, she recently released a digital workbook as a prelude, entitled The Radical Life Renovation: A Guided Program to Anchor Joy, Explode with Confidence and Redesign Your Future. It’s garnering rave reviews, grateful shares, and tearful praise from readers.