785. Two Ways That We Always Create More Abundance

Some people hate talking about money… but they still wish they had more. Here’s a secret nobody tells you: making more money won’t actually make you feel more abundant. That feeling can exist at any financial level. It’s just a mindset. We’re going to share our top tips for crushing scarcity, and moving into abundance.

Our first tip is this: stop focusing on what you don’t have and take inventory of what you do have. You have four tiers of assets, but many people only look at the first tier: cash on hand. We rely on that number to feel abundant, even though how we feel about that amount may change from day to day. Get off that roller coaster and start focusing on all four tiers:

  • Tier 1: Cash on hand, checking, savings
  • Tier 2: Cash investments, stocks, bonds, real estate equity
  • Tier 3: Reserves that can be tapped into if needed (vehicles, credit, investors, collections)
  • Tier 4: Untapped ideas and potential

Abundance doesn’t come from what you have on hand, but your ability to create money out of thin air. Anytime you’re not feeling abundant, just recognize that you have those untapped talents that people would pay you for that you can turn into real money whenever you need.

Our second tip is to hang out with rich people. You want to be in the room with people who are doing the things that you want. This can mean getting creative – for instance, the Nordstrom worker who’s networking with everyone he helps put himself in the position to be surrounded by people doing the things he wants to be doing. This can also mean springing for something premium outside of your comfort zone that’s going to put you around those people – premium memberships, hair salons, hotels, and more. These are the rooms where the opportunities and ideas are.

These are the best ways to create more abundance in your life. You have to stretch your thinking beyond where you already are and look for the limitless possibilities out there.