1044. Fall In Love With Selling & Watch Your Business Grow

Are you willing to set your ego aside and sell the solution that somebody needs? That’s the key to being successful in sales. So many people feel afraid of coming off as pushy or receiving rejection, but in this episode, I’m sharing how I learned to reframe those limiting beliefs and fall in love with sales. Money creates opportunities, choice, and impact, but you won’t get there without building up your confidence as a salesperson. 



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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:30) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(1:50) Lori recaps her weekend at Stagecoach. 

(4:13) Lori encourages listeners to reflect on why they’re afraid of selling. 

(8:17) Lori shares quotes from sales leaders that have helped her transform her mindset around selling. 

(13:22) Lori looks back on the criticism she received when she first started in network marketing. 

(19:02) Lori emphasizes how sales are an equal energy exchange.