906. Biohacking Your Physical Performance with Sage Workinger

I’m joined by Sage Workinger, Co-Founder of 10X Health, and she and her team are on a mission to 10X people’s health and wellness by enhancing human performance. Sage shares simple ways to level up and expand what’s possible when it comes to anti-aging, energy, sleep, digestion, anxiety, and so much more. 

10X Health has an advanced genetic test that looks at 64 biomarkers and gives you a complete snapshot of your health. After you get your results, one of their experts walks you through a personalized action plan. If you’re someone who experiences anxiety, depression, OCD, and/or ADHD tendencies, having more information about your genetic makeup can be a gamechanger in your health journey. I know taking the test and changing up my vitamin routine and diet has played a major role in boosting my sleep and energy levels, and has been helping me feel more balanced and calm. 

Sage gives us a peek into her bedtime routine, how she avoids mid-day crashes, and what you can expect from the Core Gene Test. She also dives into her top IV therapy recommendations, as well as her other go-to natural and affordable remedies.


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About Sage:

Sage Workinger graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and a minor in Business Administration. She co-founded Streamline Medical Group in 2017 with Gary Brecka and focused mainly on managing the financials, operations, staffing, marketing, training and growing the business. Streamline joined 10X Health Ventures with Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson in September 2021 with the shared vision of reaching more people and changing the face of health by educating and empowering people to take charge of their wellness journey!


Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 0:55 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Sage Workinger. 

( 2:12 ) Sage joins the conversation. 

( 4:06 ) Lori asks Sage, “Can you tell everybody a little bit about what you do and then what exactly you were talking about that night?”

( 7:28 ) Lori asks Sage, “Would you share a little bit about the method or the therapy?”

( 18:33 ) Lori shouts out one of today’s sponsors, Indeed. 

( 20:33 ) Lori and Sage talk about Lori’s experience with green tea supplements. 

( 23:44 ) Listeners can order the genetic test at 10xhealthsystem.com

( 27:57 ) Lori shouts out another one of today’s sponsors, Avast. 

( 30:00 ) Lori asks Sage, “If we could only talk about three other health hacks, what are they?”

( 36:31 ) Lori asks Sage, “How about better sleep? Let's hit on that just a little bit more.”

( 40:10 ) Lori asks Sage, “What are the first one to three things you would tell somebody, if they're just feeling a little low energy, a little bit anxious, maybe not sleeping very good?”

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