907. The Fastest Way To Get Out Of A Funk

The human experience, especially as an entrepreneur, can feel like a never-ending roller coaster. I recently had a day where I was feeling super low and in my head about the direction of my life, but I was able to snap out of it by talking to our new neighbors and sharing my business experience. Chris and I have realized that we’re happiest when we’re living our purpose, which for us means building something, working hard, and creating meaningful experiences with people that we love. By getting out of my own world and helping uplift someone else, I inevitably feel better and start climbing to the top again. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:29 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 0:55 ) Lori says, “At every single level, no matter where you are, you're always going to ride the roller coaster of being human.”

( 2:18 ) Lori says, “There are so many things going on in your world that can make you ride this roller coaster even harder.”

( 2:55 ) Lori talks about what put her in a funk recently. 

( 5:09 ) Lori says, “I think really snaps us all out of it and steps us out of it quicker is putting ourselves into a position where we can help other people and get out of your freaking head.”

( 7:34 ) Chris asks Lori, “So that’s how you were feeling today, and then something happened for you. Tell me about it.” 

( 9:02 ) Lori says, “God is literally doing this to get me out of my head right now. Because nothing else would snap me out of my head unless I had to go connect with other people and get outside of my little world that I created.”

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