1014. How To Get Your Power Back

Where in your life are you waiting for someone to validate your worth? I did that for so many years until I realized that I could take back my power by cutting out the middleman and creating new containers for myself. In this episode, I look back at how I got started on my entrepreneurial journey and continue to use lessons from those early years in my business now. Don’t expect someone to anoint you 一 it’s up to you to fulfill your dreams.


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(0:28) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(0:53) Lori recaps her recent live podcast recording with Lindsey Schwartz and talks about her upcoming interview with Lewis Howes. 

(2:53) Lori shares a story about the first time that she realized the had the ability to take her power back and anoint herself. 

(5:09) Lori talks about the consistent rejection she faced when she was applying to be on fitness magazine covers. 

(7:43) Lori talks about the shift that happened when she started to create her personal brand.  

(11:41) Lori emphasizes that feelings of imposter syndrome still come up sometimes, but she comes up with solutions quicker now. 

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