897. How To Stop Being Boring And Become An Energy Dealer

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re an energy dealer. And at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel energized. How are you making sure that you’re transferring those vibes out into the world? I don’t know about you, but I feel some resistance come up when I have a trip planned because I just think about all the work that I’m missing and my introverted side starts putting up walls. But, traveling makes me feel alive, enriches my life, and honestly, I find that getting out of my comfort zone makes me more interesting. I’m sharing why it’s crucial to shake up your routine and giving you some simple ways to make your life more interesting. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:33 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 0:47 ) Lori says, “I was thinking about the reasons why we take trips like this, the reasons why it's really important to get outside of your comfort zone, the reasons why it is so important for us to continue to do new things and to grow.”

( 3:41 ) Lori says, “You need to figure out what energizes you, because when you are energized, energy must go somewhere. You just become a person who transfers energy, and people want energy.”

( 5:25 ) Lori talks about how her social media engagement increases when she’s embarking on new experiences. 

( 7:13 ) Lori suggests areas to try something new, like a cooking class. 

( 8:28 ) Lori reads a podcast review from a listener.