889. How To Take Quantum Leaps By Full Immersion

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to The Big Leap audiobook, but something new really sticks out to me each time I go back to it. I’ve been thinking a lot about Gay Hendricks’ concept of ‘Upper Limiting’ when you are about to step a giant step into something bigger. That’s when all of the inner saboteurs, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs come back in. I’ve realized that in order to quiet those voices, I need to fully immerse myself in my goal. I share how this idea has shown up in my religious childhood, my fitness competition years, my time in network marketing, and now as I’m getting ready to launch Lite Pink. I talk about ways that I’ve safe-guarded myself to stay on track and build the mental strength that it takes to make those quantum leaps to my dreams. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:34 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:10 ) Today’s topic is all about how to take quantum leaps by becoming fully immersed in your goals. 

( 3:05 ) Lori says, “Your biggest purpose will always be in front of you.”

( 3:35 ) Lori talks about being fully immersed in her religion as a child. 

( 5:42 ) Lori asks, “Are you creating an environment where you are so fully emerged, like completely head to toe from day to day where you have these points in your life and you are being pulled back in and making sure that there is no outside distractions?”

( 7:07 ) Lori uses the example of staying on track with your diet by not self-sabotaging and bringing food into your home that doesn't align with your goals. 

( 10:50 ) Lori talks about being fully immersed in her network marketing career. 

( 13:22 ) Lori brings up how MMA fighters study their opponents and how that concept can be used for studying your inner saboteur. 

( 14:24 ) Lori asks, “Where do you need to break a pattern? Where do you need to break a belief? And where can you fully immerse yourself into the things that really lights you up?”